General Introduction to Consulting Services

Whether you are an office, an agency, or an individual, day-to-day problems will arise that will certainly be daunting to face without any outside assistance. Because they recognize the undeniable value of expertise and experience, university chancellors recruit specialized lecturers, big corporations pay head-hunters, and politicians hire speech-writers. Productivity and success are undeniably linked to having access to expertise in different areas; most importantly the fields of [1] education (as presented in the linked document), [2] management, and [3] communication. Whether you are an individual or an organization in the public or private sector, GPN is here to provide you with access to the knowledge and experience you will need to overcome obstacles and reach your goals with confidence. In other words, GPN will help you make those goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bound) ones.

“The expression ‘consulting services,’” as stated by The World Bank (2002:1) “defines services of an intellectual and advisory nature provided by consultants using their professional skills to study, design, and organize specific projects, advise clients, conduct training, and transfer knowledge.”

GPN provides consulting services which suit every aspect of this definition. The following chart details the five phases in a typical consulting process with GPN services.

Phases within the Consulting Process

Kubr (2002:21)

Following the Kubr (2002) model presented above, it is worth noting that before any withdrawal, or prior to the end of the entire consulting service process, GPN delivers training seminars in the form of a project or program when proven necessary.

GPN’s consulting service is planned and delivered in the form of one of the following two packages.

GPN Consulting Packages:

1. Full Package Consulting Service (FPCS). This takes into consideration the 5 phases seen in the chart above.

2. Single-item Package Consulting Service (SPCS). This is a separate service given which may not include all 5 phases seen in the chart. For example, if GPN is only required to give some “proposals to client” and the company requesting the service wants to stop at phase 3 (Action Planning); and no follow-up services such as training (for implementation as phase 4) are necessary, that client is requesting SPCS.

GPN consultants hold the experience that can make the difference between success and failure, and the expertise in the relevant fields you want to move forward in.  We are working around the clock to ensure that your professional needs are completely satisfied.

For details, click on the education, management, and communication consulting services at your disposal here at GPN.

References (for our main conceptual models)

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The World Bank (2002) Consulting Services Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Selection of Consultants. Washington, D.C. 20433, USA