It is oftentimes difficult to edit our own work. This doesn’t come from a lack of ability, of course, but rather because it is difficult to take an objective look at our own written work. For this reason, it is very helpful to get a second opinion and have another person review our drafts. Perhaps it is a school assignment, a business contract, or even government litigation. At GPN, we are willing to look over your drafts and offer our editing services for various types of documents.

GPN offers various editing services to suit your needs:

Basic Editing Content Editing Advanced Editing
Basic editing consists of proofreading and correcting spelling, capitalization, verb tense and other grammatical errors. It also involves improving sentence structure, word choice, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Content editing predominantly concentrates on strengthening the overall argument, paying specific attention to the paper’s focus, purpose, organization, content, and overall strategy. This also involves eliminating any contradictions, inconsistencies or ambiguity, thereby ensuring the text is easy to read and that concepts are expressed in a logical, sequential manner. Advanced editing is a combination of copy editing and content editing. It ensures that the written text is not only concise and consistent, but also grammatically and factually correct.

GPN edits various kinds of documents, including (but not limited to):

Academic Documents Business documents Miscellaneous documents
School reports (e.g. final semester reports, internship reports, educational trip reports) Business literature , (e.g. publicity, brochures) Campaigning paraphernalia (e.g. political punch lines, banners, posters, speeches, slogans)
Research work (e.g. essays, articles, thesis papers, conference presentations, journal publications) Marketing campaigns (e.g. advertisements, jingles) Speeches or presentations
Publication projects (e.g. academic papers, textbooks, novels, stories) Company documents (e.g. contracts, reports)
Academic speeches or presentations Employment application documents (e.g. resumés, CVs, cover letters)

Language Support for Websites

In addition to all of the above documents, we also revise web page content.

If you have any questions about which documents we edit, please don’t hesitate to contact us .

Fees: depending on what kind of editing is required and the urgency of the service delivery. See our pricing page for more details or contact us .