EXTRA-SUPPORT for Language learning and Research

To help you advance quickly in your language studies, GPN offers extra-support for language learning, such as multimedia learning activities (in our language lab) and personal study counseling (given by our Personal Study Advisors).

We also offer special support for students, scholars, and others for their research work.

Multimedia Learning

  • Individual multimedia training in our language lab.
  • Detailed progress analysis by your Personal Study Advisor based on your language lab activity results.

Personal Study Advisor

  • Gives personalized assistance and guidance when you begin your course
  • Helps you establish a personal study plan
  • Gives interactive sessions or tutorials in our language lab.
  • Arranges one-on-one meetings to discuss your progress, offer guidance, and assist you through your training program

Research Support

With its library, GPN Center provides access to different kinds of books in arts, management and science (e.g. literature, psychology, business management, public administration, political communication, communications media, politics, geography, environment, economics, medicine, etc.) for GPN clients, trainees and trainers, employees and partners.