‘GPN’ Biz. Connections: Discount or Commission? Up to you!

We establish business connections between individuals, institutions and public or private organizations. To that end, we have created a group in which we invite anyone who is interested in connecting with us on a regular basis, whether in person or online. Individuals can stay in touch with GPN on a regular basis if they are members of our WeChat group: “GPN Biz. Connections.” We also keep records of people connected to GPN by registering their contact information in our record books.

People connected to GPN in these ways are given a discount if they order services from us directly, and they are offered a commission if they recommend friends or acquaintances to buy our services. In addition, they can not only access any of GPN’s Language Immersion Clubs (LICs), but also are given decision-making authority to make changes to LICs’ activities if proven necessary.

Members have a chance to interact with the top executive of the organization directly if they wish, and they will be first to be informed of GPN’s activities and events. In the future, they will have priority of opportunity to invest at GPN with the approval of the “GPN Proprietorship & Investment Council.”

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