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  • Academic Writing: How to Find a Specific Topic and Research Questions by Jules Harris DANARSON, Ph.D. November 2017

  • Thesis Structure: Through the Academic Eyes of GPN by Jules Harris DANARSON, Ph.D. October 3, 2021


Citizens have the right to be disappointed when officials betray the public trust. But when we assume that everyone is corrupt and out to serve their own interests, we ignore the reality of honest, fair work. If every politician ignored the public good and every citizen failed to support public life, we would live in a very different world (Loyola University [25]). Indeed, cynicism can undermine people’s potential and self-confidence in assuming responsibilities. But government’s inaction because of the fear of public cynical perceptions is more of a hindrance to society’s chance to change for the better than people’s unpopular remarks or sharp-tongued criticism of what is being done or to be done.

Author’s Remark: Too much fear of public cynicism is detrimental to our power to change and let others change for the better.


Danarson, Jules H. (2012) “Perceptions of Policy Outcomes as a Motivational Factor in Promoting Environmental Sanitation: Lessons Learned from The Yibin Local Government, China.” 2012 Proceedings of International Conference on Public Administration, 3(1): 3-20


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