Behind the Name, GPN

Behind the Name

GPN is an acronym for “Global Polyglots Net.” These three keywords can be interpreted as follows:

  • global= Universal/ of the world.
  • polyglot(s)= (1) a person/people who speak(s) more than one language or (2) having a command of or composed of many languages.
  • net.= Networking

In the context of computers and technology, networking refers to linking two or more computing devices to operate interactively for the purpose of sharing data or information.

In relation to the terms global polyglots, networking explains our job of linking language experts to those who require language assistance.

In sum, Global Polyglots Net. refers to networking with foreign language experts from around the world in an effort to encourage effective intercultural communication and language education.

Our Mission

At GPN, our mission is to encourage effective intercultural communication and language education. At GPN, we provide services to facilitate verbal and written communication or to teach our clients the language skills to communicate effectively on their own.

GPN strives to be the world leader in written, spoken and IT-supported language services by turning language barriers into intellectual and business gains without toil.

What We Care About

  • Professionalism:

    We provide and monitor excellence in language services through training, high standards, and accountability.

  • Accuracy:

    Our professionals are skilled in language accuracy.

  • Speed:

    Language service requirements are always urgent. We are prepared to satisfy your needs by shortening the turnaround time without compromising accuracy or quality.

  • Our clients:

    At GPN, we seek to earn our clients’ trust and loyalty through on-going improvement driven by integrity, innovation, teamwork, confidentiality, and professionalism.