At GPN, we edit everything from school assignments to drafts of public speeches, book reports to business contracts. We also have three distinct editing services: basic, content, and advanced. Please visit our editing service page for more details.


Whether it’s a simple comic or a highly technical medical document, at GPN we translate the documents you require. Please visit our translation service page for more details.

Writing Assistance

Having trouble putting it in writing? Let us help you express yourself. At GPN, we offer writing assistance for your various writing needs. Please visit our writing assistance service page for more details.

Language Training

Hi! 你好! Salut! Learning a second language can give you a boost in today’s fiercely competitive job market. If you want to learn another language or just wish to brush up on your language skills, GPN’s language training service is for you. Please visit our language training service page for more details.


Don’t let language barriers hold you back from opportunities! Our language professionals are here to help interpret for various occasions. Please visit our interpreting service page for more details.